Image by Dave Abel

Image by Dave Abel

CRYPTIDS will be released on multiple podcast platforms on September 29th.

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JUNE 2019

After a year of pre-production and recording sessions, the first season of new podcast Cryptids is in post-production. Stay tuned here or at Wild Obscura for more details on the release date!

Written by: Alex Thompson

Directed by: Devin Shepherd

Produced by: Wild Obscura, Nora Unkel, and Gabe Rosenstein

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MAY 2019

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APRIL 2019

Congratulations to Nesting Dolls for winning the Audience Choice Award for Best Narrative Feature at the RVA Film Festival!

And a huge congratulations to writer/director Robbie Snow being given the Rising Star Award for his first feature film.

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Nesting Dolls premiered on Wednesday, April 24th at the Richmond International Film Festival!

Congratulations to the whole team involved and to Das Haus Productions for creating this psychological thriller.

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MARCH 2019

Playing Catherine in Hudson Stage Company’s production of Proof March 29th - April 13th

The quartet of actors here is terrific both individually and as a well-tuned, harmonious unit...As Catherine, the play’s center of gravity (in more ways than one), Jenna Krasowski gives a beautifully-modulated, achingly authentic performance. We cannot help but empathize with the tart-tongued but vulnerable young woman who’s sure of her talent, less sure of her equilibrium, and flat-out unsure of her future.
— Bruce Apar (Yorktown News)
Catherine [is] played by Jenna Krasowski in a finely nuanced performance with sharp cue pickups...
— Kathryn Kitt (Broadwayworld)
Jenna Krasowski plays the challenging role of Catherine and is brilliant in bringing out the internal crisis of the character.
— Irene Wallace (I On the Valley)

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Written by: Jan Rosenberg

Directed by: Shira-Lee Shalit

Produced by: Crashbox Theater Company

Starring: Mackenzie Lansing, Maki Borden, and Lizzy Julita

To RSVP, click here

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Coming soon: Cryptids, a new narrative podcast from the mind of Alex Thompson, directed by Devin Shepherd of Wild Obscura Films, produced by Nora Unkel and Gabe Rosenstein. Sound design: Gina Zdanowicz

Get thee to Kickstarter to help us finish episodes 1 and 2 and continue to record. I can’t wait for you to hear this…

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-----Eyes to the Skies-----



A collection of reviews from our production of Black Tom Island at Premiere Stages last month:

A one-act play spread over two tense scenes, “Black Tom Island” finds its energy in the competing drives of its characters. Krasowski’s Ewa is resolute in her immigrant ethic of hard work and fortitude...Throughout the play, Wooten and his cast consistently ratchet up the pressure on these four lives, whose options for easy resolution steadily dwindle.
— Patrick Maley of (Star Ledger)
To say that the cast is outstanding would be an understatement. The four actors master Martin Casella’s finely crafted dialogue. They include Mason Hensley as Martin Babek; Jenna Krasowski as Ewa Babek; Damian Buzzerio as Father Oskar Prosco; and Bart Shatto as Tim McMillan. The characters of Martin, Ewa, and Father Prosco speak both in English and their native language, yet the interchanges flow seamlessly. The show’s emotionally charged scenes are impeccably portrayed by this very talented troupe.
— Marina Kennedy (BroadwayWorld)
The cast does an outstanding job of creating characters who will also remain with you. Mason Hensley and Jenna Krasowski play the immigrant couple, Martin and Ewa Babek with great passion.
— Karen Nowosad (Lets Go to the Theater)


The Resistance gets its first screening! It will be featured with other short films in the Portland Film Festival! I’m so proud of Lenore Marks for her work on this film!

If you’re in the Portland, OR area come check out our screening on Saturday, October 27th

Click here for tickets!

Poster Design: Chris Orsi  Cover Art: Kat VanCleave

Poster Design: Chris Orsi

Cover Art: Kat VanCleave

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Upcoming show: Premiere Stages in Union, NJ presents Black Tom Island

The play is based on a real explosion that occurred in Jersey City, in 1916. You can purchase tickets here!

On a related note, if you are interested in learning more about how to help immigrants, check out The New Sanctuary Coalition

JUNE 2018

SERIALS at the Flea Theater on 20 Thomas st.

A late night episodic series where you choose which three short plays will return for another episode! And you get a free drink with your ticket.

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MARCH 22ND - APRIL 30TH 2018

Ms. Estrada at the new Flea Theater on 20 Thomas St!

Elizabeth Estrada (Malena Pennycook) is a new arrival at Acropolis U, but she’s ready to shake things up. While taking a women’s studies course taught by Ms. Spencer (a Tina Fey-ish Jenna Krasowski), she comes to the conclusion that the Greek Games are problematic...”
”Flawless diction from the company facilitates our understanding, and since most of the Bats are fresh out of college, there’s an authenticity to the piece.
— Zachary Stewart (Theatermania)
Jenna Krasowski and Ben Schrager also stand out as the adults who don’t have all the answers.
— Patricia Contino (Stage Biz)
This time out, Malena Pennycook makes a strong impression in the title role, as does Jenna Krasowski as the professor who reveres the great Kate.
— David Barbour (Lighting and Sound America)
Jenna Krasowski’s Ms. Spencer is an icon much in the way that Tina Fey’s Ms. Norbury was in the film of Mean Girls.
— Victor Gluck (
...Jenna Krasowski’s strong, snarky Ms. Spencer.
— Diandra Reviews It All
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Short film The Resistance and feature Nesting Dolls currently in post-production.

Behind the scenes of  The Resistance , a short film by Lenore Marks, directed by Natasha Straley

Behind the scenes of The Resistance, a short film by Lenore Marks, directed by Natasha Straley

Art by:  Jenna Rae Tooley

Art by: Jenna Rae Tooley


Sold out final show! Thanks to Kate Tucker Fahlsing, Maureen Monterubio, and the entire cast and crew!